The Paris Air Show

he 2023 edition of the Paris Air Show was very successful and benefited from great media coverage. What were the main challenges in organizing such an event after 4 years of absence?  

This reunion edition was particularly awaited. The 2023 Paris Air Show was a major event for both professionals and the general public, who are passionate about and curious about everything that flies, from aircraft to rockets.  

4 years of absence and a post-Covid context have indeed marked the organization of this 54th edition. 

An event of this magnitude takes 2 years to prepare. We had to launch the 2023 edition with little visibility on the future, with the economic difficulties of certain companies, a tense geopolitical context, and more particularly for our sector, a great uncertainty on the recovery of air traffic and the possible consequences on the whole industry.  

 The Paris Air Show benefits from the deep attachment of the industry’s players to this major event.   

And despite the difficulties we encountered behind the scenes, such as numerous changes of contacts among our partners, difficulties linked to recruitment, the 2023 edition largely met expectations, both in terms of figures and in terms of content. entertainment, conviviality and new features. 

What is the trend in the number of international professional visitors, to whom Promosalons promotes in six major countries?  

With nearly 2,500 exhibitors from 47 countries, 293,000 visitors and more than 400,000 visits, 322 high-level official delegations and 1,850 journalists, the Paris Air Show is the world’s biggest meeting place for the sector’s business and start-up community.  

After a 4-year absence, trade visitors were eager to get together again. For every player in the sector, the event was a time for reunions, sharing and exchanges.  

The 6 Promosalons delegations approached by the SIAE (Brazil, China, India, Japan, Mexico, Turkey) worked actively to update and reactivate all the networks in their respective countries. The results have been very positive, with each delegation renewing its links with our community and supporting us in all our efforts to inform and facilitate business travel.   

We made further progress, with 42% of trade visitors coming from outside France, and a sharp increase in visits from the Americas, the Middle East and Asia.  

Our international dimension was also strengthened by the presence of 322 official delegations from over 100 countries. 

How are the main challenges facing the aerospace sector (decarbonation, flygskam, recruitment issues, etc.) addressed at the show?   

The Paris Air Show is resolutely focused on the future of the industry: innovation, decarbonized travel and recruitment. It is at the very heart of the global market for civil and military aeronautics and space, and has become a key meeting place.   

A number of events took place throughout the week to illustrate this spectrum of activity:  

  • “Paris Air Lab” is a showcase for the innovations of today and tomorrow, dedicated to decarbonising air transport and showcasing the industry’s latest technological advances.  
  • “The careers plane” to meet new talent.  
  • “Start-me-up” with 296 start-ups all over the Show.  
  • “Paris Air Mobility”, dedicated to new forms of urban air mobility and “flying taxis”.  

The Paris Airshow has also always played a major role with young people, winning over several generations of enthusiasts and inspiring many new careers.